Battery Fuse Arcing


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I read recently of an arcing problem involving ATO/ATC type automotive fuses when used with voltages exceeding their 32V rating. The problem happens when the fuse blows and there is not enough open space between the fuse contacts to prevent higher voltage arcing. I don't know the specifics of the circuit involved or whether the load was resistive, inductive, capacitive, etc.

My 52V Pedego batteries use these 40 amp 32V ATO fuses and I see many other batteries with these fuses as well. I also use them in some of my builds and rely on the fact that they are widely used in the industry. I wouldn't be concerned about using them in 36V applications since it is close enough to to the 32V rating but 48, 52 and 72V batteries may be a different story.

I have never personally had an arcing problem with overvolting these 32V ATO/ATC type fuses but I'm wondering if this is cause for concern. Has anyone else looked into this?