Battery in a 1960s lunch box-48v 15ah.


This does open and is waterproof,it was quite a bit of work to mount it,i used muffler clamps on the downtube.filed them inside the lunchbox and recessed a thick plastic piece that covered the entire bottom,then dense foam.i used a rear 8-fun 11 turn motor on the front wheel. only stock parts from the original used was frame front rim-tires tubes and rear wheel,all else came from used parts-except battery..first time posting pics here and got a few doubles that i cant remove.sorry.dscn4817-edit-2b.jpg rsz_3100_0773.jpg rsz_1100_0776.jpg rsz_1100_0776.jpg rsz_1100_0780.jpg rsz_3100_0773.jpg
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