Battery issue.. top of battery melted and will not charge


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I could not reach anyone, so I did some research and have found that these lithium batteries need to be shipped as class 9 hazardous materials. No freight companies will touch my battery without me personally taking a hazmat class, packaging in specific DOT (Department Of Transportation) specified metal containers.

If we are caught returning a failed battery without going through these steps the first infraction is a $50,000 fine..

Please help here..

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Take some pictures of it, in case someone will give you an adjustment. No one should want you to ship a clearly failed battery pack. I think LunaCycle offers a pack for the Sondors. I assume they ship by ground, domestically.

Were you charging or discharging it when it failed? Did it start a fire? This is not something people want to hear.

FTC Complaint

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Product liability insurance (the lack thereof)
Fire and Explosion risk of the Battery (and the lack of testing and certification thereof)
Warranty Accountability and the ability to find recourse

These are type of business shortcuts that can have DEVASTATING consequences to the consumer/user.

Bottom line, consumers don't care about any of these issues. I have learned my lesson; never try to get in front of thousands of consumer-lemmings that want to buy a cheap item on the basis of price point hope and hype.
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