Battery issue?


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A couple of weeks ago I was riding my IGO M29R and it just died. It was strange because before it happened I still had a couple of battery bars on the display. I pressed the button on the battery to see if it had any juice and no indicator lights went on. Tried charging it and it wouldn’t take a charge. I brought it to the dealer and after quite a few days they told me they were able to charge it with my charger and I put it on my bike and it was fine. I was confused that they were able to charge it even though I couldn’t but I was happy because the battery was fine and I left the store. Rode it all day and it was fine for hours and than all of a sudden the same thing happened. It just died even though before it did I still had 2 bars. I tried charging it again with no luck. Does this sound like a faulty battery issue or something on the bike that’s killing the battery? And why was the dealer able to charge the battery but I couldn’t with the same charger.

rich c

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Bars and indicator lights are natoriously inaccurate. As Thomas said, multimeter readings are needed for troubleshooting. All battery packs have a management system that protects the batteries from running below a certain voltage.