Battery maintenance question


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I have a magnum Ui6 bike. Should I remove the battery after every use and store the battery inside - or - do most people leave the battery on the bike and only remove it when it needs to be charged or at the end of the season for storage? I live in Toronto, Canada and use the bike from April - October. I find it difficult to put the battery in/out and am hoping it's okay to keep it on my bike and only remove it to charge or store for off-season? Thanks so much!


I have virtually the same bike. It's just called the Amego Infinite. There is no need to remove the battery for charging. You can leave it on the bike as long as you can reach the charger. For winter storage, yes, bring it inside. For longer life, it should be stored at 40-60% charge and topped up a bit every month or so. That battery can be a bit tricky to put back in because of the step-thru design of the bike. However, after a little practice, you get the knack of it. Since you're in TO, you may want to join our group at