Battery Pack Prices have Plunged

George S.

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This is a straight cost comparison of 5 kit vendors. I can’t determine quality, but there are Samsung and Panasonic cells being advertised. (Alpha order). The Bosch reflects a ‘bike shop’ price, for reference. Note the lower voltage. Moto discounts the battery.

Bosch/Motostrano -- 11AH and 36 volt (not specified) $740

California Ebike -- 11.6 AH and 48 volt (Sam or Pan) $625
Dillenger -- 11.6 AH and 48 volt (Samsung) $439 (in kit with BBS02)
EM3ev -- 11.6 AH and 48 volt (Samsung) $440
Lectric Cycles -- 11.6 AH and 48 volt (Panasonic) $895
Luna Cycle -- 11.5 AH and 48 volt (Panasonic) $400

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All batteries in a bottle mount type case. (Shark or Dolphin, etc)

Shipping is TBD if you order.

Bosch battery is a replacement, no charger ($200). Other batteries probably include charger.