battery problems

Mathias Leers

New Member
November 2012 I bought the SL 250 HT DT XL and installed it on my trek fx 7.7 best combination ever.
Lately i'm having soms battery problems... On assistmode 3 or 4 i loose all assist and i have to reset the console. The battery can't seem to give enough energy and stops working.
Can anyone help me solve this problem?
Is it possible to revise a 48 v limn bionx battery?
Any experiences? Price?


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I bought a S series kit with a 48 volt battery last August. I had it installed on my old Kona mountain bike for the ''best combination ever''.:) At 700 km, I had the same problem you have on assist mode 3 and 4. I took it to my dealer, he put the battery on the computer so that Bionix could test it on line. The battery was declared in excellent condition so they decided to sent me a new motor. I now have 1200 km on the odometer and everything works fine. I hope this helps.
My 20 year old Kona has become a wonderful fun machine. Now that there's snow on the ground I'm thinking of going South for a couple of weeks to see what kind of bike trails they have.