Battery Range (Mariner)


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I've had a Voltbike Mariner for exactly 1 year and have noticed lately that the battery range seems to be deteriorating. When I first got the bike, I would typically average 30-35 miles on a full charge. Over the past couple of months, that's dropped to where I am now getting 25 miles, tops. This morning, after making absolutely sure the battery was fully charged, I got 21 miles. I typically don't ride in extreme cold (we are in Texas) and today the temperature was 75, so cold weather is really not a factor. I've made sure the controller is set to the correct wheel size and don't know of anything else that I could possibly change to extend the battery range. The bike has right at 800 miles on it and I typically ride twice a week, at most.

I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue? I contacted Voltbike & George sent some 'tips', but none of them make any difference (insulate the battery - in 70 degree weather?). Obviously I'm going to need to purchase a new battery because a 20 mile ride is unsatisfactory, but I'm not prepared to pay $500 for a replacement battery every year. Does anyone know where to purchase reliable replacement batteries for Voltbikes? It came with an 11.6ah battery, but perhaps I can replace it with something more powerful.

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Hi! I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with your battery. I can't offer a solution but wanted to welcome you to the forum. I hope you get an answer soon!


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I will risk criticism by mentioning two obvious points. First, all batteries degenerate. It is the nature of the component, that its ability to take a charge and deliver it back goes down with every cycle. Second, the battery strength is not measured in miles. How you use your bike, on hills, in weather, with what amount of pedaling, will drastically change how far you get before the battery is drained, even if you start with the same charge.

That said, my two-year-old Mariner still has the original battery, and it has always performed for me. However, my riding style is such that rarely see the gauge read less than half, even during 30-mile jaunts.