Battery serial number question


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Can someone with a 14.5 battery please tell me the first 7 digits of their battery serial number?
Mine are FA1005A. I think mine is a leftover 2013 red lettering on bike, although they say it's a 14.5 V battery, but they are a new dealer with a very unknowledgeable sales guy who claims he asked the Currie rep. They have no bike tech at the moment. They claimed they only had the bike for 2 months.

It runs great no issues. I like it just want to know which battery before I take a long ride and run out of juice.

I am wondering if the Fa1005 is 10.5 amps and if the 14.5 will have a number indicating that.
I think the 2014's and 2015 which have the bigger battery have black lettering on the body.

Thank you