Battery strap/holder options?


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I like the Amiti and am serious considering buying one, BUT I have read about the high risk of dropping the batteries. A relative of a guy I know has managed to drop theirs. It ended up OK but...... My 74 year old hands can‘t be fully trusted as arthritis moves in.

So, has anyone managed to make a strap or something to make handling the battery easier like the Bosch ones?
Ideas are welcome.
Thank you.


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Unfortunately for me living in a rental apartment with a bike cage charging on the bike is not going to work. There are no plugs anywhere near the cage.


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I'm not sure if you are talking about securing the battery to the bike or for protection while carrying them around. In case it's for transport, this is what I do:

In the last year, I've met two people who damaged their batteries by mishandling. It prompted me to get protective cases for transporting mine. This company offers a wide range of different types and sizes:

My bike uses 48V 15ah rear rack mount batteries which cost around $700. I usually travel with at least 3 in my vehicle. With that kind of investment involved, I do this:

I first put the battery in a soft padded case:
44975 44976

I then put the padded case in one of these blow molded cases for physical protection:
44980 44978 44979
I found a case that would also carry the charger

I sometimes carry two batteries in one case to save space:

The cases fit neatly in my panniers when I ride with a spare battery. They offer protection from a spill.

Also consider where and how you transport batteries in a vehicle. A sudden stop or minor accident could cause damage if not stowed properly.

Overkill? Maybe, but with that kind of investment, why take a chance.
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I agree with you regarding safety. I am most concerned with carrying it after removal from the bike. From there to the elevator and to our apartment. One option is that I could have a carry bag in my parking spot for this.


Here is an option that might be worthwhile if you have a need to use panniers. The ortlieb E-Mate has a pocket for a battery.

It won't do anything for the trip from bike to bag but at least if you have to carry it around it will be safer.
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I bought a photography light box stand bag from ebay. They come in a variety of sizes. Found one close to my Giant E+ Trance Pro battery size. Black canvas with handles and a shoulder strap. I bring my battery in because I live where it is cold in the winter. Very sturdy bag.