Battery will not acknowledge the charger

RR rider

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Like I read in this forum, I am very pleased with the performance and quiet riding of the C Class. I received two about a month back. I also was disappointed with the poor instructions for assembly. I am a retired engineer and able to overcome the assembly issue.

After having charged the batteries (I purchased two bikes) and having our first meaningful ride, I could not get the charger to acknowledge that the connected battery needed to be charged on one of the batteries (no issue with the other battery). I contacted Chloe via email and after going through some steps she sent me a label for shipment of said battery to them. The tracking number shows that it was received in WA on 20 March. I have not heard from Ariel any further. I see that some of you stated that it took two weeks on some issues.

Question to the forum:
Has anyone experienced this problem with a new battery?
Is it normal to take two weeks before communications on this type of issue?