bbs conversion on breezer


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I completed this conversion and it works well except when i pedal too fast the assist stops. In fourth gear the assist stops at around higher gears assist stops at higher speed. I set the upper speed limit on the controller at 20mph seems like maybe my pedal speed exceeds the motor speed. Any one else have this problem


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Any one else have this problem

The controller in the BBS system limits power and speed at each PAS level. In the BBS02 with C965 with max speed set at 45 KPH (28 MPH). Once you reach the max speed per level the motor turns off. In my case:

PAS 1 stops at 14MPH
PAS 2 stops at 17MPH
PAS 3 stops at 21MPH
PAS 4 stops at 24MPH
PAS 5 stops at 27+ MPH

The watt meter indicates less than 750 watts in all PAS levels below 5. At 5 the motor runs at 750W.

The motor performance is speed limited, not dependent upon the gear you are riding in.

Court J.


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I contacted Banfang on this and got the following reply to the question does the system limit pedal speed in addition to vehicle speed. Their reply was
Yes,this is normal,a individual consumer don't have any way to increase the allowable pedal speed.

From this is seem to imply that if you pedal above a certain pedal speed the assist drops off. I like to pedal about 80-90 rpm and it seems like the system starts to cut out around 70 rpm. I can try to measure this speed.

I asked at what pedal speed this is at but no response. Seems like it should be much higher pedal speed. Anyone notice this?


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Thanks this is perfect. It explains what is happening. I do not understand why the cadance is set so low. I need to study this before I try, but I think this will resolve this issue.