BBS01b and Das-Kit L6 display: about programming


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So, a year ago I had my bike converted to an e-bike. I wanted to do it myself but there was a mechanical issue
I could not handle. And now I wanted to do some tuning.
Now I had already noticed that my conversion kit was different of what I had seen on the internet.
The cable from the motor connects directly to the L6 display with a 8-pin julet connector with no center pin.
So a standard programming cable won't fit, nor a 1Tx harnas.
Is this a special Das-Kit controller, a CR R209.750.SN.
A 750 watt controller for a BBS01b, does that make sense?
I found a extension cable for this connector, cut it in two and re-soldered the conductors so I could determine
which pin does what.
In my junkbox I found a USB to serial converter and I managed to make my own programming cable.
Now the diagram in the programmingsoftware is very clear but one setting puzzles me: 'Keep current':
"The percentage of current that is maintained at a certain rate of pedaling (cadence).
It is the percentage of the current limit set per each level of PAS.
Originally it was set to 20%, I increased it but I don't notice any difference.
And if I was to set this at 100%, would not the bike want go faster then the selected PAS speed?



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