BBSHD question Luna Cycle Kit


Hey guys , I just bought a BBSHD kit from Luna Cycle (they seem pretty awesome!!) I received two XT 90 plugs with pigtails one is fully assembled and ready to plug in on the bbshd and my 52 v wolf pack. Then I have what seems to be an extra xt 90 pig tale that is not able to connect to the bbshd yet and the wires seem thicker? is this an extra if I want to upgrade to a bigger battery or I need to install this to make my 52 v work with the bbshd. Sorry if this seems nebulous. I am Hook line and sinker into e bikes.. Just need to develop the skills!!
Thank you in advance!


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I have that kit but never used that extra thicker gauge connector. I'm guessing its for folks that want to program the unit to run at 40 amps and the regular 12 to 14 gauge wire can only handle up to 30 amps.