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Bad Bike, Beach Vintage Side.

A few months ago I had a thought of an e-bike with a side car. Coming from a life long love of riding Harleys and bicycles, you can see where that idea came from. So many times I've thought about putting a sidecar on my FLHTCU Dresser. It's just never fit my lifestyle and it wouldn't really fit my bicycle lifestyle either. If you had someone in your life with physical problems or a small child or two, maybe. If you had a lot of stuff to carry, maybe. If you needed trike-like stability, maybe.

The Idea I had was a bike with hub motor with the addition of the sidecar wheel with hub motor, giving plenty of power for the additional load. This bike is close and very cool:cool:

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Room for BIG batteries behind sidecar seat!
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George S.

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Most trikes leave me a little cold, but this looks pretty cool and I wonder if it might actually work pretty well for someone with issues on a two wheel. Think you'd need a step through, though. A year ago it was all I could do to lug the oxygen tank to the little cart-scooter at Walmart, and ride around. Fortunately, that stuff cleared up to some degree, so I do really well on an ebike. There are a lot of people who need varying degrees of added mobility from powered vehicles, and the modern battery tech should really help. I think they should try to make these vehicles as 'sexy' as possible, just because that makes people feel good. I like this. You could get to a lot of places on something like that design.


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Side cars beg, absolutely beg, for a big gorgeous dog to ride along! In fact I think it's the law! :p

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