Before and after of my DIY townie conversion!


Thought I’d share the pics of my completed project! This is a townie 7D!
The first pic is from the craigslist ad when I bought it ($100) and the others are from today! We went for a picnic and 20 mile ride in Ojai!
This bike was my winter project… from sanding and repainting the frame, to replacing the handlebar, seat, tires, adding fenders & rack and converting to electric with tongsheng! No one can tell it’s an ebike either… the wires , etc are all well hidden! It’s awesome, I love it!


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that's super clean! love the color. thank you for sharing :D

there's some great riding down around ojai..


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The whole project ended up costing about $1200 when I was finished!
Very well played. I still can’t believe anc am jealous to read a Townie sold for $100.
ill soon hav3e an original Townie frame. They were $800 bikes in 1994. Significantly different frame construction compared to those today and well suited to higher power eBike conversions. Trek bought Electra after a Trek was sued for patent infringement. I have a Trek Pure, and actually like it a bit better than later Townies, but still think ALL flat foot frames are the safest bikes in traffic. Sitting upright at face level with most cages. I’m a gimp, less than able, but can comfortably ride a crank forward frame for long distances. And being able to look cagers in the eyes is a win for me.