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Jack Tyler

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I'm quite new to the ebike 'scene' but an old hand at recognizing something for which I owe a great deal of thanks. Here in America - I know some of you reside outside the USA - we are celebrating our Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow. So it seems entirely appropriate to extend my thanks to this community, the many folks here from whom I've already received much help, and of course to Court specifically who has made the ebike learning curve a far shallower grade than what otherwise would have been possible. Best wishes to each of you for a holiday of friends, family and good cheer.


Ann M.

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Jack, thank you for the kind words. We're grateful that all of you wonderful people love electric bikes and get out there and ride! Thanks especially for being part of the Electric Bike Review family! :)


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Best wishes to you too, Jack, for Thanksgiving and beyond. I am relatively new here also, and I am also thankful for all of the helpful info in this little corner of the internet.


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And here in the UK, I'm thankful that this arrived today. :)

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Nice Eddie!

I'm thankful Santa Maria Nina and pinta survived the trip!

Thx to ebr for helping me rationalize this 'ebike' thing.