Bell is Busted....

This is piddly, suspect the reply is "throw the damn thing out." Appears the spring inside the metal housing on the mechanical bell has gone kaput. The flip handle doesn't work. Doesn't look like I can pull it apart. Are there better quality bells that resist rust and wear?


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Two bells I own and like very much. The Knog is 4 years old and the brass Myrrcle is 5 years old. The Knog has a longer resonating sound and looks good. The Myrrcle is slightly louder due to it being real brass. It is also a little more robust. It does tarnish. I could recommend both.

Knog Oi Bell Aluminium Bike Bell, Small/22.2mm, Black

Mirrycle Incredibell Original Bicycle Bell (Brass)
@christob does it attach firmly to the handle bar and stay in place with rough riding? The diameter of my handle bar near the grip is about 22 mm; looks like it will fit. Right now I'm looking at the Lezyne Classic Brass Shallow bell. I need a side-mounted flipper that can be moved to optimal position and a distributor in Italy.
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Hi @withiniswithout - While I don't ride mountain / dirt trails, I do have severely root-buckled asphalt sections of trail to contend with every day, and the bell has stayed firmly in place on my handlebar since install.
I don't believe you can change the orientation of the striker -- it is oriented as you see it in online photos. (Which is perfect, I find; I have it directly next to my ergon grip, and I barely extend my thumb to ring it, while still keeping a grip on the handlebar.) PS - if you buy one, don't pay more than $49 -- some retailers mark it up further, but that's the price you pay from Spurcycle directly.
(My install is similar to the brown-grip image shown below; the black-bell image I would find more awkward to activate with my thumb, while gripping the bar.)


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Elliot: That looks fantastic. Great quality. I had to get the bell shipped in Italy, and I need a side-mounted flipper. I ended up with the Lezyne classic for about 20 euros shipped. I like the rubber 0-rings on this model for easy mounting. Should do the trick. Hope it fits like I think it will. Should have it soon.