belt drive conversion from chain for electric motors.

scott jewell

New Member
I have been building e bikes about 8 years and have build at least a dozen chain drives. Rear and front.

Chain drives need perfect alignment. They are heavier and make more noise than belt from what I have heard.

I am interested in converting and information from anyone who has successfully converted. I would like to use my brush chain drive motor. I have a 1,000W brush Unite motor with a 10mm dual D bore shaft. I also have a 3 kilowatt motor which is brushless and believe it to have the same shaft. These are popular motors found commonly on e bay for electric scooters. I am not familiar with gear ratios for belt drive systems but my 1,000W chain drive is 8 to 1 reduction.

The video was a 26" dual suspension with a 48V 1,000W hub motor on the back and 1,000W 36V chain on the front. My first project hopefully will be replacing the chain and sprockets on the front with belt and pulleys.

Any help and information in this matter will greatly be appreciated.


LC. out.