Bent outa shape


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Hi All
I am bent outa shape and want to raise hate and discontent, I am so mad.
I just received a phone call from the company that is shipping,
my new Wart HOG MD750 to me.
Per their phone call, they have my bike in Reno NV 100 miles away.
They will deliver my bike on or around the 12 to 15th of Feb,
"Because we don't have a full truck load", going out that way etc.
WTH, I paid to have it shipped to me.
I am spitting nails, being this is a Fed Holiday, nothing can be done till Tue,
I am just about ready to drive to Reno and pick it up,
and then charge the shipping company the funds for NOT shipping it to me.

I have contacted the seller and Kyle is looking into it...........