Best bafang ultra motor grease/oil?


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Just rode a different brand bike with an ultra motor and it is much quieter than mine so I’m interested in having the grease/oil whatever is in there checked and suggestions on higher quality grades etc. since we will be in there anyway


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Could be a nylon gear that was the cause. But depending on how you ride, it might be a bad idea to swap out your metal one due to durability issues with nylon.

Again, just one possible cause.


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I dont have the nylon gear although for the way i ride a nylon would probably be fine...

watched the video on doing this and will get it done in the next few months, will post back if using different grease etc makes it quieter..


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Lucas 'Red and Tacky' seems to be a popular choice amongst the TSDZ2 crowd. I used it and it quieted down my TSDZ2 with a brass metal gear for awhile.

That being said, my TSDZ2 just got louder and more sloppy over time, its in landfill now