Best Choice for Entry-Level Ebike?


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Don’t rule out the Aventon Pace. A solid bike with good component and a class 3 for under $1,400. I’m your size and it’s dry light and easy to handle.
I second on the Aventon.
Maybe spend a tad bit more and get the Level

The ebike landscape is moving pretty fast right now. Eurobike 2019 exploded with all kinds of new ebike tech. Eurobike 2020 in November will even be bigger. For people that may ask why I mention Eurobike, this trade show seems to be the defacto trade show for many manufacturers to show their new e-tech ideas and creations.

With all that said, the evolution of entry to mid level ebikes will be integrated battery framesets. Again, with this said, new ebike buyers may want to take closer look at ebikes with integrated batteries. Just a thought.

reed scott

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My advice ... go a step or two up from 'entry level'. You'll grow into it fast. On the very off chance you decide ebiking is not for you you can sell it at a small loss and count it as rental expense.


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CKrather, You are in Alexandria. I am in Kensington, MD. If you want, come over and see my cobalt blue Espin sport. You can see our Ride1up 500 too. PM me if you want.


I'd go with The Blix Aveny is a very good and durable bike for the price point.