Best Clipless Sandals?


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Hi all,

Based on some recommendations, I now think I'm going to go with clipless cycling sandals for footwear, instead of clipless shoes.

There seem to be several advantages with clipless sandals, and one of them should be that they'll fit my wide feet. A rep at a local bike shop told me that width isn't really a concern with clipless sandals, although it seems several users of the Keen Commuter IVs say they're narrow.

I did some research. Anybody have input on what I've found so far?

If there are other makes and models of clipless sandals to consider, let me know.

This article has some user comments on cycling sandals:

And most of the sandals below are on the list here:

1. Shimano SD5: Not the best reviews overall.

2. Shimano SD66: No longer made.

3. Keen Commuter IV: Supposed to be narrow: and

4. Lake I/O: I emailed Lake to see if they still make cycling sandals. I got a reply, and they're not making cycling sandals anymore.

5. Exustar E-SS503: Seem to have the best reviews overall:

6. Exustar E-SS505: Didn't see any reviews on this model, so I emailed Exustar to ask them the practical differences between the models.

7. Exustar E-SS515: Didn't really see any reviews on this model either, so I asked Exustar, and Bike One, about the practical differences between the models:

8. Rose RMTS 03: Very similar in design to the Exustar E-SS503s. Perhaps they're rebranded? They're also sold in Europe, and I don't know if they're sold in the US:

9. Sette MK Sandals: A user of the Exustar E-SS503s likes the Exustars better. And are these not made anymore?

10. Nashbar Ragster II: Somebody says they're not good for walking, and I want cycling sandals that are also good for walking.

Also, does anybody have experience with waterproof socks, by Bridgedale or another brand?

These Bridgedale Stormsock waterproof socks were mentioned in the first article, and I'm curious about them: