Best, easiest,cheapest way to get rid of regen on a Radcity 4


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I just assumed the bikes were designed to stop you from going over its speed limit.

Going downhill on my 2019 radwagon not pedaling or braking I hit 20mph then it feels like regen kicks in except it shows no watts on the display, the bike then slows 1mph and the hub stops slowing me so I start to pick up speed again until I hit 20mph where the hub starts to slow me down again.
This can feel strange because it feels like I'm hitting the rear brake every 10ft down the whole hill. The only way I can go down hill smoothly is to keep pedaling to make sure I don't drop below 20mph. It's nearly as much effort as going along the flat because pedaling downhill means I'm fighting the motor. I'm sure it's just the software making sure I don't speed.
Is it possible that the newer bikes are all like this
Samjl -

Have you ever set your PAS to 0 when this has occurred? Or even gone so far as to turn off the electronics (press and hold the center MODE button)? I would think that doing either one of these things would make the bike operate like a regular non-ebike. Gravity should then let it coast as fast it would allow. Going to PAS 0 would at least keep the lcd screen and speed readout available. You would lose that if you power down, but at least maybe able to coast normally until you powered back up again.

Just a thought - RangerDave


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Wow, lots of responses to an easy question. Don’t bother disabling the regen, it only affects the bike during braking which is good.