Best Electric Conversion Kit For Sun Seeker Fat Tad Trike?


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I need some help finding the best electric conversion kit for my needs.

I'm probably going to end up buying a Sun Seeker Fat Tad trike, since it seems to offer the best bang for the buck when it comes to fat tire trikes for off-roading.

My questions are, what's the best electric conversion kit for this trike? And should I have it done professionally, or attempt to do it myself to save money?

So far I'm aware of the E-Bike Kit company from the EBR video on the Fat Tad e-trike. They sell a completed, ready to ride out of the box e-trike here:

And I called Utah Trikes earlier and got their pricing: Fat Tad CXS: $1,899, with 500 watt Bafang mid-drive motor: - $795, and 36v 13.5 amp hour Panasonic battery (I believe it's this one: but I'll need to confirm on Monday): $389 - Total: $3,083. And I'll need to get installation charge, and shipping pricing.

There's also a somewhat local company that could do it. I'd need to call them for specifics.

I want to get the absolute best products for the best prices that I can, so are there other recommendations for converting the Fat Tad trike to an e-trike?

Let me know, thanks!


Luna is having an Anniversary Sale! $750 for the BBS02 Mid Drive Kit with Panasonic Lithium Battery. Have you local bike company remove the guts from the bottom bracket (front bracket?) and install. You'll need some longer cables but I'm sure Luna can hook you up.


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I have a Fat Tad in my garage that I'm planning on converting. I'm not completely decided, but I think I'm going to go with a rear, geared hub motor. It's more simple than mid-drive, and I don't really need the climbing advantage of running the drive system through the gears. I'm deciding between Ebikekit and a Mac from EM3EV.

Ebikekit is great company for a first build. They have instructions (not all kits do) and great customer support. They're pricey, but easy to deal with, and they can advise you especially well since they're familiar with your trike.

Whether or not you should convert yourself depends on your skill set, your budget, and your future plans. Installing yourself is a great learning experience if you plan on doing your own maintenance or might do more conversions down the line, but paying a couple hundred bucks to someone who knows what they're doing can save a lot of headaches. A tadpole will be a little trickier than a bike, since it's less common.

Oh, and in case you didn't know, a Fat Tad is too wide to roll through a standard doorway. I have to carry it through.


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Thanks for the replies. I didn't realize I had gotten responses. I'm now going to submit a grant application for an Azub Fat trike, so I made another thread to find the best conversion kit for that. I think it'll be a mid-drive kit with a Rohloff gear hub.