Best high speed/low maintenance bike for open road?

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Advice needed:
I commute 14 miles each way on mostly rural (paved and flat) roads to the next town. I have been riding my Juiced Bikes CCX and have over 5,000 miles on it, but the torque sensor stopped working and I have been waiting on a replacement part for over a month @#$%@$! As I am going crazy driving a car to work I am not planning on being in this situation again so I am looking to replace the CCX with another brand. I really like the speed and ride of the CCX, but not enough to worry about reliability any more.
I stay pretty steady at 28-29mph the whole way, so I definitely want one that is able to travel at a minimum that fast for a decent period of time (faster even better) . The new Serial one looks tempting with the Gates belt drive, but I have ridden the Specialized Vado with a Brose motor and even though it says "28mph" it seems to only top out at about 26. I do like the thought of a belt drive, as I am not the kind of person that enjoys working on a bike and that seems to take less adjustment.
Any thoughts? My budget would be up to $6,000.
Thanks in advance!


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Any bike can break down.

You should not have too much trouble finding a TMM4 sensor. I wouldn't change a bike because of a $30 sensor. Some forum members may help you find one.

For mid drives definitely a belt with a good igh would require maintenance the least. If you want a mid drive with more power than Brose then you should look into Bafang ultra offerings like Pushkar's WW.
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