Best Motor/Controller for regular Beach Riding


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'so far away from you;'

Beach Sand, mixed with salt, organic debris, one severe HOT environment even for " mil spec " electro -mechanical equipment

You need mechanical advantage over sand and twice daily reliability requires a budget (?)
Perhaps a trike to spread the weight over 3 big wheels with wide tires , ' sealed 'internal gear hub for a low gear and:

Pedal power until budget allows motorization.
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Thanks for your replies, for the motor was looking at (any other alternative waterproof options appreciated)

as it has a waterproof rating of IP54, not sure though whether the 48v 500w free wheel option would fit my bike, let alone be compatible to the control box, brakes, battery etc (the seller is unable to confirm).
Not sure what the seller means by free wheel either.

Your suggestion Alex includes the wheel rim, I assume I can fit the above motor to the existing rim, brakes etc & it is not necessary to purchase an entire conversion kit?

For the controller

again because water proof but again unsure whether would suit bike, as original control box has 5 times as many connections and unsure about sinewave, , thinking
better to buy replacement of original control box and better seal the control box? Any suggestions how with thanks.

Not able to locate the original to buy online:


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If your fat bike has 175mm wide axle in the rear, you want the same type of motor. Here's a typical kit, but the connector is not waterproof.

I've been looking for a water system myself, and they're hard to find as a kit. Your suggestion is a good find, but you will have to buy the cable harness, as well as the brakes, throttle, PAS sensor. Won't be cheap.

That would mean that you would not use any of the electrical bits that came in the kit.

Maybe you look for a bare motor like this, and ask them how much it will cost with a 26x4 rim and spokes.

You could always take the old motor out of your broken ebike wheel, and have the new motor spoked by a shop. If they complain abiut how hard it is, jeez, I'm no expert and just did a fat bike wheel last weekend. Cost me $36 for spokes and an evening. Got a 1mm wobble stiil in it, but it's good enough for me.

Final caution. You'll have all waterproof connections, but the motor itself will still take in water. My own fatbike, never been ridden on a beach, but has been ridden a few times in winter where we put salt on the highways to melt ice. Well, that salt got inside my motor and corroded the speed sensor.


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Thanks Harry, will look into these options, yes, it is the salt spray that does more harm. Starting to concede the environment is too harsh for an e bike, quad bikes are so expensive here, sigh.

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Yep. Make sure you get a "fat" kit (or motor).
I posted the link to Alibaba because couldn't couldn't open Aliexpress this time - for some reason they wanted me to log in just to look at the products, and login didn't work. Aliexpress is easier to work with, than Alibaba, if you buy small quantities.


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By the way, that waterproof controller kit is overpriced. You might look some more or ask one of the other vendors to quote a price with those connectors.
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