Best Newton Meters of Torque on a Multi Surface/Multi Use Class 1 E-Bike?


I'm close to getting an E bike. I wanted something with a good range, good weight capacity, assisted speed under 20mph, good torque to climb hills, and a good support network of bike shops in the USA.

I liked the Specialized Vado, but their assisted speed exceeded the legal limit for bike paths around here (20 mph). I also liked the Trek Verve Plus 3 and the Allant Plus 7, but their weight capacity (Bike Plus Rider) put me over the 300 pound limit. I like several Cannondale models, but their Newton Meters seem to be limited to 50 on their Class 1 machines. (Do you really need more than 50 Newton Meters of torque to deal with hills?) Any suggestions on a bike that ticks all the boxes?

I'm a newbie with most of this stuff.

Thanks for your help.

Sifu Ben

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I live in undulating area. I have a Rad Rover (750w 80Nm torque, 70+ pounds) and Fuji eNevada, a relative dweeb at 250w, about 40 Nm of torque but weighs about 45 lbs. The fuji goes up faster and easier without having to up the assist level or go down as many gears. I'm about 205 lbs. But once you dial up the assist level, then you can feel that the Rad Rover dole out the power (and use up some battery). The higher assist level on the Fuji is not as strong. Fuji is a fast rolling flatlander (think Toyota Camry) while the Rover is a torque laden heavy (diesel pickup).They'll both go up the hill but differently.