Best pedals for Verve +3


I just hit 400 miles on my new Trek Verve+3, but I'm thinking the OEM Bontrager Satellite City pedals aren't top of the line. The Verve +3 is a hybrid with a somewhat upright riding position, and I don't always feel like I'm getting a good sticky grip on the stock pedals (maybe not riding with the right shoes?). Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations on better pedals? Thanks.


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The OneUp composite pedals seem to be good and I ordered a pair but they haven’t arrived. There are lots of similar pedals out there.


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I researched and bought a pair of Catalyst bike pedals. They are phenomenal 👍🏻


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I have been riding my Verve + 3 with new Puroma pedals for a few weeks now, and am very happy with them. I knew the Bontrager originals wouldn’t be suitable as we get into the fall and winter here. First thing I did though, before I installed them was to grind off the sharp edges of the screw threads slightly. From reviews, they apparently could be lethal!


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