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I've tried so many I gave up. I wanted a holder that my phone didn't require any attachments (like magnetic plates) on the phone itself. I also want to be able to put the phone on and off the bike with one hand and orient the phone landscape or portrait with easy switching between them. I also want room to plug in my charger cord. I need it to mount on the handlebars, or the top of the stem or on the crossbar. And not cost over $40.

Haven't found a good one yet, tried several. Right now I still carry it in my pocket. I've 3D printed a couple but didn't like those either.


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I have this on my e-bike and on my Motorcycle. it has held the phone without issue into high 80s on the motorcycle.

laid my bikonit down at 32mph last week, hit what appeared to be anti-freeze in the lane while rounding a corner.
dropped the bike and slid about 40 ft. handlebars bent, crank arm bent, brake handle snapped off..
phone holder and phone undamaged. phone never broke free and never touched the ground.

using an iphone 12 pro max with a magbak case (which is rather thick) and this holds it no problem..

my only complaint is I can't rotate the phone on the fly, I have to undo the allen bolt to rotate horizontal, but I have found a rare need to do that. it is secure and after the above crash, that was the one thing that stood out, my phone walked away undamaged.

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I use the Quad Lock, which has been discussed in other threads. I'm very happy with mine. I have mounts on both my bikes, a mount for my car's windshield, and an armband mount.
The downside with this product is you have to buy a case, which is a bit on the bulky side, and it does give the phone a thicker profile.
The upside is once the phone is in the mount it is VERY secure.
Recently, I was riding up a steep trail on my e-gravel bike. I cranked too hard on the pedal while the motor was in turbo mode and I wheeled right over and down I went. Happily, I didn't hurt myself or damage my bike, and the phone stayed securely in place.


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Not a lot of space on the handlebars depending on Rad model. I added an handlebar extender to free up space and put our iPhone 6S+ with Mophie wireless charging battery (6S+ iphone is about 3.35" X 7" with Mophie case).

Radcity step-thru with Odier handlebar extender, Niterider 1800 pro light, and Vibrelli universal phone mount.
Rad handlebar extender.jpg


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Quad lock. Been using it for over two years. Never dropped. That is the mount with the big blue release tab upper right in the photo. Phone took the photo.


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Quad lock worked well for me. Super easy to use and super secure as well. Only drawback is that you have to use their phone case. But it's a nice one that works well.



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This idea pops into my brain...

And there's a bunch of others.
I’ve used Rammount for years on my old bike and never had a phone fall out. They make a good product. They’re customer service is great too.


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I have yet to find a phone holder that I like and trust. Any suggestions? iPhone ProMax if it matters...
I've tried many and so far, haven't found one on the market that works for me in every situation. I eventually built my own using the belt clip that came with my iPhone X Otterbox Defender case. This may not work for you though since it requires a case with belt clip.

I use the RAM mounting system for other handlebar mounted devices. I screwed the RAM plate adapter to the back of the belt clip:

ramb202_img2.jpg P1070992.JPG P1070991.JPG

Then used these RAM clamps to fasten the mount to the bars:

ramb231zinc_img2.jpg ramb201a.jpg

It's a bit hard to see but the mount is on the left side. The phone is out of the mount being used to take the pic.


The mount is very flexible and can be located in a variety of locations. The phone easily snaps out with one hand and won't shake loose even on rough trails.
The total cost was around $40. A bit spendy perhaps but, IMO, the stability and flexibility makes it worth the price.