Best place to purchase Stromer online

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Any recommendations for best place to purchase Stromer online? Obviously price (from reputable store) is main driving factor.

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Let me start by telling you where NOT to go !!! I bought a Stromer (sport) from the guys at NYCE wheels and the motor died within 30 miles on a new bike... They did not stand behind it .. They were a tremendous headache and their practices are border line fraudulent... Email me for specific details if you need proof..

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Why buy online? You're going to need support for a technical bike like a Stromer. There are a lot of good shops that are worth checking out that will be there to help you over the life of the bike. An online site or an out of state shop that discounts isn't going to be able provide that service. There's more to an ebike than just the price.

Aleks, you're located right along the middle of the California coast in the state that has more electric bike shops than any other; give those regional shops the opportunity to help you. And as you probably know, the cheapest price isn't necessarily the best bargain.
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Hey @Aleks, if you're looking for a deal I'd recommend Craigslist or local shops that carry last-year models (since we're at the end of 2016). Stromer appears to be carrying many of their ST2 models forward and is introducing the new ST1 X so they might be pushing the other ST1's out. I've had an ST1 Limited for a while as a demo and really enjoyed it, felt zippy, solid and looked great. One thing to note is that Stromer is a manufacturer that does not allow dealers to sell online. It can be bad for a shops reputation if they do and Stromer can even drop them. The best thing to do is look for the nearest shop and go from there. As @Ann M. Said, there's a lot of value in buying from a dealer when it comes time for support and it's something I support here on EBR with the local map tool etc.
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