Best Practices: Uploading Photos


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There are three steps to making photos long-lasting and accessible here in the forums:
  1. Name your image something meaningful, this will help people find it here
  2. Upload your photos, do not link to them as the serving site may go down and some sites dislike embeds because it takes their bandwidth, this is called "kiting"
  3. Please choose the "Thumbnail" option when embedding photos that you've uploaded because they will take less bandwidth for tablet and mobile viewers to see

That's it! Three simple steps to help people enjoy your images here. The screenshot below shows the two options discussed above. Thanks!
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Ann M.

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@fredi, if you have a video from one of the supported formats all you need to do is click on the icon above that looks like a couple of frames of film or video. It's 2 icons to the right of the smiley face :) Feel free to message me if you still need more help.


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@gkgeiger I think they have updated the software from when this was posted on Jul 16, 2016 and it might depend on the browser you're using. On Chrome, both PC and Android, I see this:
epr postin.jpg


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You can "drag and drop" directly into your post. If you use the "attach file" box that will allow you to insert a thumbnail wherever your cursor is currently positioned then anyone viewing the post can click on the thumbnail to see the full image.