Best way to carry two Radrovers?


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I would like to transport 2 Radrovers. Anyone has experience with tow hitches an bike racks that may do the job?

Tom Kriek

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I would like to transport 2 Radrovers. Anyone has experience with tow hitches an bike racks that may do the job?
We have the Thule T2 Pro XT 9035XT


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I would like to transport 2 Radrovers. Anyone has experience with tow hitches an bike racks that may do the job?

Do have or going to get full fenders and or rear rack? A platform bike rack seems to be easier to use and most can handle the +60 lbs of an ebike. Platform rack can either secure on the upper part of the tires or have a center pole to secure on the frame.

I have a Saris Freedom Superclamp 4 on a 2" hitch I can use between my two SUVs. Usually 85% of the time I just need to carry 2 bikes. I've even removed the Saris second rack arm when I did a trip to the Grand Canyon last fall. I had to purchase 4 larger tire trays for the Radrover 4" fat tires for the Saris rack.

What I like about this rack is:
- it holds both Radrover very secure with no movement
- easy to mount/dis-mount bikes (place bike in tray, strap tires, move rack arm on upper part of tire, and push down to secure)
- the rack can move down to access rear hatch
- small foot print in up position

- Expensive, $800 retail. I found on Amazon as a return for a little over $500 (it was missing parts).
- Radrover rear mounted kickstand in the up position prevents the Saris rack arm from moving into place to secure on the tire. I have to mount the Radrover with the kickstand down
- My Topeak rear rack is wide and it rubs against the front forks of both Radrovers when on the rack. I found a piece of rubber to wrap around the left forks of both rovers because the paint was starting to rubbing off.
- Fat tires block taillights and my Luna Cycle triangle bag blocks my license plate (issue with any rear rack). I added 4-way AUX light to the rear of the rack.
- Heavy rack, my wife could not put the rack on the SUV (doesn't matter because the Radrover is too heavy for her to mount on the rack anyways)

rear rack up.jpg rear rack side.jpg rear rack rear.jpg


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I have been looking at this rack. Not cheap either. About $640 once you put in the fat bike tire adapter for 2 bikes. It wouldn't work with the new RadRover fenders, but I think would be OK with the older, shorter style and certainly good for no fenders. 75 lb per bike cacapacity. Appears to be only available direct from them (
. Anyone have any experience?


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That was my 1st choice; but, I needed the ability to carry up to 4 bikes. It was +$1000 in the 4 bike configuration. I've seen this type of platform rack a lot in my area.


Just for another option.

I didn't want to spend a ton of money on a rack but wanted a decent one. I researched a lot and decided on the Saris Freedom 2 Rack.
I think it is the absolute best rack for the money. You can see it on my Avatar photo.

I got it for $216 off of Amazon (lists $250 now for some reason) and had to pay an additional $40 for the FAT tire adapters.

I also bought the lock for it. Total cost for me was around $315 at the end of May.

I have a 2" hitch but it works on a 1.25" and already had the adapter on it to go into my 2".

So for two bikes it would cost you $250 for the rack (current price) + $90 for the adapters and $60 if you want the lock. So you are at around $400 total. I honestly don't think you can get anything cheaper. You don't have to have the lock of course so you could save $60 and grab it for $340.

It is supposed to be able to carry two 60 lb bikes so would work for two Rovers. I never put two bikes on it mind you as I only have the one but it works well for the one. I would just recommend you remove the batteries and any bags before mounting. I do that anyway.

One minor negative is the rack has a center pole the bikes are attached to and the way the down tube is on the Rover it sits on the rack more towards the driver side a bit. Not the rack's fault.

I use the front side of the rack and the bike goes on rear tire on the left looking at it from the back. The tire sticks out a bit so the bike is not perfectly center but it is a VERY minor thing. It does not stick out more than my driver side mirror so I am all good. I just wanted to mention it anyway. Probably the one on the back side would sit opposite towards the passenger side.

The only other negative at all is it does not fold up. However I can open the back of my 4Runner with the rack on and the center pole folded. Not with the bike on it. I don't keep it on the truck all the time.

The nice thing is this rack is very light and easy to put on and take off. Only takes a min to put on so this is a non issue for me.

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