BESV TRS1 Wins e-MTB race at Sea Otter Classic


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Hi guys, I received this update from James McLean at BESV recently and wanted to share because I will be posting reviews of the TRB1 AM and TRS1 (the winning ebike) in the coming week or two. The TRS1 is their lightweight carbon fiber model, it was ridden by factory team rider Ashton Smith for the 19-29 Open class e-MTB race at Sea Otter Classic in Monterrey, California in April, 2018.

Here are some of the pictures that James sent over:


My short take on the bike is that it's incredibly lightweight and fun to ride. I usually prefer full suspension, but the larger tires provide good comfort and it's easier to pedal this bike up to speed and maneuver it than other models that weigh more... so the trade-off is worth it. I weighed the bike myself at just 41.8 lbs (18.96 kg) when visiting the Electric Bike Center in Fullerton, where they had a demo model.