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I ordered a bike rack, and a phone holder back in APRIL. They sent a confirmation, and also sent something saying it has shipped or will ship, with NO TRACKING INFORMATION.

I have tried and tried to get in touch with them. they don't answer their phones. They answer their emails with a standard COVID-19 delay email.

No responses to my emails. Have not received my items, nor the credit.

REALLY disappointing. Other companies are also slammed, but no responses since APRIL?? That's lame.


I definitely experienced a "bait and switch" with him. I originally ordered a bike at closeout prices in the size and color option I wanted. I get an email shortly after asking to give him a call. He then explains that they just sold that in store but that I can get a higher spec'd bike at just a little more money on top but that he'd have to order it and it should be in stock in 2 weeks. I agree and give him 2.5 weeks before I call again with an inquiry. He states that the manufacturer is having issues shipping to USA and asked if I can wait a few more weeks. This is all pre-COVID so this wasn't a factor but I get that Orbea is a Spanish manufacturer that isn't as popular as other makes. I told him I'd think about it. Well, I thought about it for a few days then give him a call to ask for a full refund. And again, he tries to upsell and promises an in stock date within a few weeks. But by this point, he has my money and I have no bike. I say no and to his credit, I get the money back into my account within 24 hours. It certainly wasn't a fun experience. He advertises a lot of products at closeout costs only to upsell. I should have heeded the warnings I read on reseller ratings before making the purchase but I was taken in by the price.

I looked through my emails and here's his contact information in case you have something else:
Kerry Mckoy