BEWARE of Quigley Motorsports - Stealth Dealer in AUS will not deliver. Tell your friend to beware.

Jeffrey Savela

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Quigley took my payment of over $1000 US last Oct, 2015...... he lead me on via email until my paypal recourse time was up.... then poof.. no response.

His website is up and running...... he sells stealth bikes through stealth...... and his own stealth mod parts.

I ordered a kickstand, fenders, work stand..... and rec'd nothing.

Stealth is working on this, and I've tried contacting his local AUS police, but dealing out of county is very difficult.

WARNING - do not buy from Quigley Motorsports from AUS.... he will take your money and not deliver the goods. He has $1K of mine since last Oct 15, and will not answer emails.
'Caveat Emptor'
(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)


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I have purchased several items from them to the tune of about 2k. The first few items made it here in a reasonable amount of time. I broke part of the kickstand mount and they did warranty it for me. The last were purchased about a year ago and it took them almost 6 months to finally get them to me. They cited problems with powder coating as the main cause of the delay. Sounds like they may be having some problems. I hope that are able to get things resolved!


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Sitting on my payment since Oct 2015 to June 2016 and avoiding any communcation is not good business.

I rec'd an email last week stating they are continuing to work on my order.

I'll post here if/when I get parts or refund.


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I agree, not a good way to do business.
Sounds like the same thing I went through with my last order. I think that you will eventually see your stuff.

Ann M.

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@one4torque & @Jeffrey Savela & @delandcyclery thank you for the warning! It crappy when a distributor or a manufacturer acts this way. If you have any way to reverse a payment, even if you used PayPal (with a credit card), go to your bank online or call them and do it NOW! Stealth's last business information in Australia was updated in 2013 and assumed still current as of 2015, the main website makes it difficult to find a number for them but here's what I found, +613 95 74 0257 (they use 8 digits rather than 9 for local numbers)

Nothing more recent shows up for the company after 2015. The shows links to other conversion kits, ebikes and ads that link to Amazon or a free sample of Glade air spray, but no Stealth bikes.