Beware the "Gentle Assist" bike


I am so glad to see your post! I had always thought the same thing! Why spend all that money on something that doesn't go fast! I mean at least they go faster then those that stop at 15.5 miles per hour but again what is the point? I guess people buy them to hide they are a ebike but yet they are!
A lot of people don't like group rides. When solo, it's really hard to average 20+ mph over 30 miles. I like class 3, but can see why a class 1 would be preferred by many. If you want range and don't mind 15mph with moderate pedaling, class 1 bikes makes a lot of sense. It's not about hiding the "ebike" look, but having a streamline and lean bike that's efficient.


You are absolutely right. 95% of the time I am a solo rider. I often catch up to other riders, but I give them their space. After a friendly hello, it is easy to tell whether they want your company or not. Most riders don't mind a brief conversation but don't want a life long companion. Wind resistance increases as the square of velocity, so going faster as a solo rider is seldom useful, and just runs down your legs and battery faster. Much better to ride at a comforatable and sustainable speed. And for that, Class I is usually sufficient.