BH Atom X - Where is the serial number?


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I just bought a new BH Atom X 5 27.5 from a dealer and LOVE the bike. Here's my problem: BH offers a 2 year warranty - but if you REGISTER your bike - the warranty goes to 5 years. So, I went online to register my bike - and they ask for the bike serial number. I can't find it anywhere. I called both the dealer and BH - and they both told me that "..the serial number is heavily painted over - and it's hard to find." No s*it. It's IMPOSSIBLE to find. Me and two of my buddies have spent way too much time looking for this serial number. It's not there.

Anybody out there have a similar problem with this bike - and how did you find the serial number?


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It’s easily readable , b/c it has deep markings , although it is painted over , it is in the lower part of the seat tube , up the front derailleur.