BH Dapu motor failure again


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One year ago my three year old bike motor failed (Dapu M155) on my Neovolt, it was a Code 5 failure, guessing a hall sensor. It was replaced under warranty. Now the motor has failed again, same Code 5.

Has anyone else had this problem? Might it be just incredibly bad luck to have two motor failures with the same problem, or is this widespread?

The “crazy ....” dealer I was foolish to have bought it from refuses to help me, even though it is still under warranty. Any suggestions?

The duke

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This is exactly why I didnt buy from a local dealer. Although there are many good ones, I hear too many of these 'SOL' stories.


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I know that the prior to 2018 Bh ebikes were having many issues . The post 2018 Are light years away.
The torque sensors it’s a new model, all is made much better, display, etc.


I've had my BH e-bike for six years and have had very good luck with it. BH/Easy Motion has always had the best warranties in the business, to my knowledge, but gladly I didn't need my 5-year one. BTW, my dealer was gone by the second year of my ownership, and from day one I would have gone directly to BH in any event. Thankfully, I don't know what a Code 5 error is, but I wish you better fortune with your bike.


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Code 5 can be also if you jump a pothole/pedal too fast upon powering up the display/ jump gears very fast whilevhard pedalling or a combination of those factors..
I 2nd also the very good Bh warranty and experience of their ebikes.