BH Easy Motion Rebel Lite HT


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Figure we could use a thread on these bikes since quite a few of us picked up the $777 closeouts from Bicycle Blue Book.

I'll start it off with my first upgrade. This is more of a WTB Speed saddle "first impression" than the Rebel Lite related other than to say the stock saddle must go!

@FlatSix911 suggested the WTB Pure Comp but according to WTB's sizing (which estimates sit bone via wrist measurement, subsequently confirmed by "foil on stairs" measurement) I'm between a medium and thin so went with the Speed as it's slightly thinner than the Pure. This review also seemed to indicate the Speed might have characteristics for a better universal fit.

I wasn't sure whether to go with the Comp or Progel so I bought both (along with some other stuff to get to $60 for free shipping). (currently $16) (currently $21)

My saddles arrived today and the progel saddle looks just like the closeout one on the Jenson site with white labeling. The Comp is all black like the one pictured in the review. I was surprised to see the Progel was lighter when I put it on the scale. Upon closer inspection I noted chromoloy stamped on the rail (even though the package says steel). Thank you very much WTB for the complementary upgrade! I honestly can't tell much difference in padding. The Progel seems a little cushier but they are both quite comfortable, I don't think I'd want more padding! Too soon to tell how they will turn out but I know my bum was happier with it than the stock saddle in the living room!

A few pics comparing all black vs. white labeling on my blue 29er:

1585190952287.png 1585191074460.png 1585191124825.png
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Tomdav -great advice on the WTB Speed saddle for a narrow fit... WTB has been my go-to saddle for many years. ;)

Here a few additional options on the wider WTB Pure saddle for a medium/wide fit... all currently on sale at 55-67% off.

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With the warranty support there are issues now,
b/c it has to go through Spain from what Bh Us tech. told me. Waiting for 6-7weeks for an answer now.
I do know that this ebikes on sale didn't came with warranty.
Just wanted to let the other BH owners know.

They got the virus there and most likely that is why. It Can wait for me.


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Stop spreading rumors! 😄 :rolleyes: :eek: :D o_O 🤭 🤡

When I bought from BBB I planned for no warranty after 30 days. 3 bikes for the price of 1 => lots of spare parts.