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While visiting the old BH / Easy Motion North American headquarters in Southern California, I was able to spend some time digging into the small LCD display control pad that is found on many older NEO and EVO Easy Motion Electric bike and current generation BH models. In this video guide, I show how to change units from miles to kilometers, how to clear trip distance, how to activate lights, and how to enable walk mode. This display is incredibly deep with lots of different configuration options in the settings menu. It is compact and removable for safe keeping. I've attached pictures at the bottom showing the display panel removed.

  • Display Panel / Control Pad Buttons: +, Power, -/Lights
  • Assist Levels: +ECO, ECO, Std, HIGH, EXPW (Extra Power)
  • Readouts: Current Speed (M/H or KM/H), Trip Stats (Total Distance, Total Time, Total Average Speed, Trip Distance, Trip Time, Trip Average Speed, Estimated Range Miles/Kilometers to Go), Battery Capacity (5 Bars and Percentage), Assist Level (0% No Assist, 30% Eco, 50% Normal, 70% Sport, 100% Boost)
Extra Tips: Hold - for LCD Backlighting and Ebike Lights (When Present), Throttle Mode Only Works in Assist Level Zero, Some Ebikes Have Walk Mode (Hold +), Hold Power and - Buttons to Clear Trip Stats, Hold + and - to Enter Settings (Wheel Size, Units Miles/Kilometers, Snow Rear Wheel Drive or Front Wheel Drive or Eco or Both All, Battery Capacity Amp Hours), Hold the Power Button to Exit the Settings Menu, The Software Version is Shown During Bootup ie. V8.3

Pros: The display can be removed for protection, and even comes with a zippered mesh bag so it won't get scratched up in your pocket or bag! The readouts are fairly large and the backlight/headlights button is very clear and easy to use. It's cross compatible between a wide range of electric bikes from Easy Motion/BH and easier to replace. It lists a very precise battery percentage readout vs. five bars like many competing offerings. Overall, the display is compact to avoid damage in the event of a crash and positioned easily within reach of the left grip for use without compromising rider grip.

Cons: The display boots up a little slow, you have to hold the power button down a bit longer than competing hardware and it's important that you don't begin riding as the computer calibrates. All of the NEO/EVO ebikes from Easy Motion/BH use a TMM4 torque sensor that resets each time the bike is powered up (this can trigger an Error 14, just power the bike down and start again without moving or pushing on the pedals). Another common readout is Error 14 for if the connector to the display panel is loose. The range estimation readout does not update immediately as you change assist level. I find the many trip/total/range menus to be a bit confusing and overwhelming to navigate through. It would be great if they were labeled more clearly. there is no USB power outlet on the control pad for maintaining and filling your own portable electronics. Throttle mode does not override assist, you have to be in level zero which requires more clicking and forethought. Walk mode has been disabled on the newer displays (you used to hold the + button to activate it).

Quick tips:
  • To change level of assist, press the + and - keys
  • To activate the lights and LCD backlighting, hold the - key
  • To enter into the settings menu, hold the + and - keys
  • To reset trip stats, hold Power and - keys
  • To change menus, tap the Power key


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Hi. My clip to hold in the LCD display broke. How do I get a replacement clip or LCD display? If Dapu no longer makes this, can I use a different LCD display all together?


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Hi. My clip to hold in the LCD display broke. How do I get a replacement clip or LCD display? If Dapu no longer makes this, can I use a different LCD display all together?
The only shop I know of. You might want to call to make sure they still have stock.



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My 2014 Neo Cross display broke too. 2nd time for this. Called Crazy Lenny"s E-Bikes. Talked to the repair /service manager. They have a new self contained display model. Shipped it to me . Now riding on Neo Cross.


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I‘m on EBR today after a DM asking about my success sourcing BH displays in October 2020.

I found a company in France with a French-only website so I was initially slightly unsure about dealing with but it worked out for me. They had an initial stock delay but communicated well (in French and English) and fulfilled my order faster than they first promised.

Valentin Moreau
Commercial WEB ECYCLE

71 rue de Touraine
72190 St-Pavace

02 85 29 51 81


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Thanks for your reply (and information WonkyBass).

Does anybody know if you can use a different after-market display?

thx again!