BH Race overtaking Lycra Guys on Mont Ventoux


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Yep. I attatched the camera to my chest in a chest mount.

I plan to do a new video in the summer. I will race my brother on his carbon race bike up the alpine mountain Monte Splugen.
I will only use eco mode. He is extreamly fit and I am a bit lazy :). Not sure I can beat him. My Neo Race is pretty slow in eco mode compared to my Jumper.


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Ha Ha. That was some of a coinsedence. Of all countries in the world you are situated in the one where I plan a race :)

About S-pedallec and range I have done something in between that almost gives me the best of both worlds.

I have a Neo Race EU-model which I mostly use for commute and sometimes for workout and racing against my brother on his Carbon Racebike.
Out of the box the bike has 30 kmh as top speed /GPS) and 80 km of range in boost mode.
I have speed hacked the bike which means you attatch a booster battery. This gives top speed around 37-40 kmh and lower range.
But for my 10 km commute that is perfect.
Then when I use the bike for workout I detatch the booster battery and get my back my long range.
Actually I find 40 kmh top speed adequit. When you ride at that speed you are pretty vulnurable to side winds.
I have ridden the 2015 Neo Race Nitro (video on youtube). It gives you actual top speed around 50 kmh.
Fun but maybe also a bit dangerous :).