Bicycle Camera Setup

Rick Huizinga

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For those who want to have cameras on their bike to document the unlikely event of a collision, hit-and-run, etc, there is currently a good deal on the first generation Garmin VIRB cameras. I installed a pair of them on my bike:

Front handlebar

Under saddle

The Garmin cameras are waterproof, have a 2.5hr battery life and include a quick-release mount. They can be picked up for $113, marked down from the original $299. They have been discontinued due to the recent release of a newer model.

The parts needed for this setup are:
- 2x Garmin VIRB cameras
- 1x Garmin Large Handlebar Mount for VIRB
- 1x K-Edge Go Big Pro Saddle Rail Mount for GoPro

Lastly, here is a sample video taken using this setup:
Note: the raw video out of the camera is much clearer so that license plate numbers are easier to read.
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Tara D.

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Wow great camera (and bike). I like when the new models are released so you can get a good price!

Rick Huizinga

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Very cool, how did you composite the map and speedo?
The Virb desktop video editor allows overlaying all kinds of data, just as long as you have the sensors. I.e. cadence, power, elevation, etc.

My setup uses the basic Virb camera, however the Virb Elite includes an integrated GPS receiver to store the speed & elevation information alongside the video. Since my camera does not have this capability, I just imported the GPS data (via a GPX file) from the Endomondo smartphone/smartwatch app, which I use to track all of my rides.

Rick Huizinga

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I've also tried the Cyclic Fly6, its a really nice and well-built light/camera combo however the quality of the camera imagery (lens/sensor combo) doesn't live up to the Virb.