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Bought my first Fat Tire Bike. Found it at 10% off plus free shipping. So thought I would give it a go. Really like the ride and the feel on the road. The 500watt 8Fun motor seems adequate. Will get up to 20mph fast enough. In pedal assist 5 climb any hill in my Colorado neighbor at 15mph. The speed is governed at 20mph. Seat is comfortable enough and easy to adjust. The handlebars are comfortable to me and the ergo grips are great. So far I like the bike, I just have to figure out how to keep the wife from using all the time.

Fat Cat xl.jpg

Has 48volt 500watt 8Fun rear motor with 48volt Lithium Ion 12Ah battery behind the seat post.
LCD Display with trip, mileage, battery, PAS setting, time viewable.
Zoom 180 brakes front and rear.
Front Brake.jpg
Rear carry rack.
rear rack.jpg
Comfortable flip up seat for battery removable.
Ergonomic hand grips.
Quick release front wheel.
Front Axle.jpg
Wires run through the frame.
12 sensors on Pedal Assist. Has 9 settings (0-9)on display.
PAS Sensor.jpg
Wellgo metal peddles.
Very annoying Wuxing horn. No bell.
Shimano Acera 7 speed Derailleur.
Integrated front light and independent rear light.
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EriderM, You can change the tire size and then the km/h. I do not think you can change the Mph. If you can I have not found it yet.
As I understand it the display is one that would come with a 8fun motor. It was just rebranded for Big Cat.

Ann M.

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@PuterPutter, what are your thoughts about this fat tire bike after a couple of weeks of riding? I'm always curious about the long term performance of these ebikes- especially in a hilly place like Colorado. Kinda sounds like you already need a 2nd bike, too :D


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Ann M.
The bike is working as advertised. I have well over 100 miles on it and ride everyday. Ordered the wife a Big Cat LBC XL. We had it upgraded to 500 watt 48 volt system from a 350 watt 36 volt system. She is enjoying her bike as well. Like any new bike after a few miles there are some adjustments to be made. Over all we like the bikes. We have been off road a few times and bikes perform nicely. So far so good.


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I have a stromerST1 have had it for four years and over 3000 miles. Just "harvested" a used motor to replace on the one on mt bike and up graded the tires to 2.25. I noticed in one of your posts you have a body float. Has it helped?


I wish I tried it sooner. Most of my commute is on roads that have been patched over and over again. The body float neutralizes the roughness. It feels natural to sit on.

I would have tried the thudbuster but it was too tall for my frame size. They suspension system is about 2" longer than the body float.


I like the forward pivoting seatpost as a means to quickly access/remove the battery. It would look to be a useful upgrade to the Radmini or the Voltbike Mariner bikes. Any thoughts?