Big Sale @ RPB


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Did somebody say the prices are going up?

Looks to me like the prices are coming down!

I thought this little bit of info in the FAQ was interesting.
Current model year ebikes that will be gone for good once they sell out:
2019 RadRover (Black and White)
2019 RadCity Step-Thru (Pearl)


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I am interested to get a Radrunner.

Anyone in the bay area is interested to buy together? The sale can be combined with $200 off if buying 2 bikes.

Is there a bay are regional forum that I can find an interested buyer to join me?


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RPB is bringing some bikes for test riding on November 23 to the Palm Springs sunny SoCal area.
More info on test rides throughout the states can be found here by scrolling down to the map.

The sale is ongoing for some lucky, lucky buyers.
Happy Trails!