Big Wheel Electric Trike Drifting Anyone?


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This thing looks like a lot of fun. It's an adult sized big-wheel bike with a MagicPie 3 hub motor in the front wheel.

The Verrado incorporates a MagicPie 3-hub brushless motor and a lithium cobalt manganese battery to power its 20-inch front wheel. The two five-inch steel rear wheels are fitted with 10-inch karting tires and wrapped in PVC sleeves almost an inch thick, while disc brakes with regenerative braking bring the trike to a stop.

The company says the trike can be charged in around three hours, with each charge providing 45 minutes or 12 miles (19.3 km) worth of riding, though this will vary depending on how many are spent traveling sideways, if you catch our drift.

The steel frame sports a cushioned seat and is powder-coated in either black, white, red or silver.

Local Motors has turned to Kickstarter to raise funds for refining the brake caliper mounting system, finalize the battery mounting and ultimately take Verrado to market. A pledge of US$1,560 will put you in line for one of the electric trikes with Local Motors hoping to begin shipping in June.
More details and a video at Gizmag.


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I don't think I could justify buying one of those by saying I could use it for commuting, BUT I HAVE TO TRY THAT THING! That brings me back to my youth. My yellow and black Big Wheel was my favorite thing EVER. It was my first bike, my first personal mode of transportation and independence, and I loved locking up the back wheels and sliding that thing out!!

Maybe I could commute on it!! That would be the funniest looking thing to commute on!!


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Ha! They had some adult sized big wheels at Interbike 2013 and people were spinning out all over the place... looked like a ton of fun. Thanks Andrew :D