Bike build with G2 and G1 Bionx parts --controller help?


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MY bike with a Bionx G2 system was stolen. I still have the G2 Battery, which is strong, and the charger so I'm trying to piece together another system from parts available online. I was able to get a G2 motor, controller & dock. Couldn't find a G2 (downtube) battery mount but was told that a G1 battery mount would work. I plugged the system together and the controller shows me 4 screens, none of which will let me control the motor normally. I have attached pictures of the 4 different screens.

Any Bionx electronics experts out there? Bionx Boot 01.jpgBionx Boot 02.jpgBionx Boot 03.jpgBionx Boot 04.jpg


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Hi, G1 and G2 battery mounts are the same if the G1 is the version with CAN protocol. If you share the PN of the G1 battery mount I can tell you which version it is.
If you have G1 bm CAN version, than I think you will need a BBI software and tool to recalibrate everything. Bionx are calling it " Resolve inconsistencies".