Bike Cargo Trailers


I have a etrike that I want to ride up into the Sierras and go camping. I am in the process of building a prototype trailer but for the second and final trailer I want a good trailer.

Any suggestions as to which brand is the best for building a flat bed trailer or even a box cargo trailer?

Also, I want it to look half way nice and I am having a problem figuring out what to make the box out of. I am thinking of purchasing the panels used on simi trailers. They come painted white and I could cut them down to fit the needs of the trailer but what about appearance.? Painted aluminum panels are not very pleasing to look at.

Shea N Encinitas

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I've been keeping an eye on the used trailer market, you would be surprised what shows up. I've seen everything from full custom to brand names like Surley (90 lb beast with 350 lbs capacity) and Sunlight (looking a bit too cheap). This little surf shack below is classic, I've seen him post it for $160. Good Luck, -S


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I would pay 160 for that just for the "art" of it ! We get nothing nest like that on the right coast. I have a burley I think that I bought on eBay for a couple hundred that is still shrink wrapped 2 years later.