Bike Carriers - Kinda of a review


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I thought I'd show how my Tilt-a-Ramp bike carrier works and looks.

It's not pretty! It is very solid. Holds up to 400lbs and is easy to use. I have approximately $600 invested in the entire setup. It can handle very heavy bikes with ease without having to remove parts. I've taken an 1800 mile trip to ride several Rails to Trails paths and was completely satisfied with the trip.
  • I did modify it by adding two LED light strips for lights, brakes and turn signals.
  • I drilled two holes in the ramp to allow water to escape from the left end.
  • I drilled a hole in the ramp to run a braided cable from trailer hitch through the ramp bed and bike to the class III hitch to keep the honest people honest.
  • Three anti-rattle clamps to tighten the frame connections of the car, and ramp assembly(s).
  • Two wheels on the end of the ramp to make it easier to move when off of the car. At 70 years of age I'm not as strong as I was when I was of a whipper snaper age.
  • Lift gate on Subaru does clear the bike. It helps to lean the bike away by loosening a web tie. closest to the car.
  • My Swagman bike rake can be inserted in the end to carry my wife's semi-recumbent bike. I know it looks like a red-neck design with the second bike carrier, but it works.
  • Added a combination safe/lock box to the lower receiver to leave my keys with the car.
If anyone would like to exhibit how satisfied or dissatisfied you are with your bike carriers, please add to this post.


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Great build!
The LED lights are a nice touch. IMO, they are a necessity on a rearward protruding rack. Have you had and issues with law enforcement about the obscured license plate?


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Great build!
The LED lights are a nice touch. IMO, they are a necessity on a rearward protruding rack. Have you had and issues with law enforcement about the obscured license plate?
NO, I've had plenty of opportunities for a following LEO to talk with me. It's obstructed as all carriers pretty much are, I don't use a bike cover when traveling. I use it only at hotels overnight.


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I have the 1up heavy duty with the extra rack that carries 2 heavy ebikes no problem. Here I have my sons 15 lb carbon fibre analog secured. The 1up is awesome in that it only has 2 contact points on the bike (1 on each tire or fender) and it is very secure. I also bought the Stealth hitch for my SUV so when I am done hauling bikes. I can remove it and there is no evidence of a hitch. Very pleased with this set up. I originally bought a cheaper model and returned it as it just didnt feel solid. I think the hitch was about 600 plus install and the 1 up was around 900. I did have to wait a month for install of the hitch and a couple of months for the rack. Everybody wants a bike rack these days apparently...


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