Bike Light powered by my on/off switch connected to a battery bank?


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All things considered These throw more light than anything else I've ever used. We have 5 18650 4cell flashlights called "Sky Ray" they are the same unit as shown above (the 13 diode led) but the batteries are inside and not powered by a pack. We have dropped them each 25-50 times and they all still work. Ebay $20. about three years ago. I dont know why the units made for the bike don't last as long. must be the vibration. Do no buy 18650 Batteries off amazon or ebay. They sell garbage and claim power that does not exist. 3500-4000mah is the upper limit for one 18650 cell right now. I've seen chineese cells claim 9999mah. cant happen does not exist. Read about fake batteries at battery bros. they lay it all out. I can tell you the Three stores I will buy from in the usa but don't want to get in trouble here by posting without knowing if it's allowed. I do love 18650 lithium Ion cells. Most E Bike batt packs have them inside.